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Two folding into one

The more weddings I shoot, the less alike they seem.

Of course, there are the things that all weddings share. There are cake-cuttings and bouquet tosses, parents and children. And I always enjoy photographing these things.

But the thing that I truly LOVE about photographing weddings is how unique each one is. Every couple, every family, and every event has its own flavor. This is why I always try to get to know a couple before the wedding, so that the photography doesn’t just show a couple’s wedding, but also shows who they are.

What I do

Each wedding is different, but there are some things that remain the same each time: Whenever possible I like to meet with the couple in person before the actual day. This gives all of us a chance to see if it’s going to be a good fit. Also, I would much rather observe people than direct them. There are times for telling people how to pose, where to stand, etc. But once the formal shots are over with, I find my best photos come from watching people be themselves. Mostly, though, I see my role as part of the entire experience, and adapt what I do to make the day as joyous as possible.