Whether I’m photographing an individual or a large group, my goal is always to keep the mood light and make it fun for everyone and I strive to create a safe environment where people feel free to contribute. A long time ago I learned that the most successful portraits are always collaborations between the photographer and the subject. A big part of this has nothing to do with using a camera. Or even one’s eyes. It’s about listening and understanding the people in front of the camera.

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  • boy with purple hair sitting by large tree
  • young woman in fancy cowgirl outfit
  • bearded man and very small infant cuddle in front of black background
  • friendly man in turban with copper tea cans in background
  • professionally dressed young woman in law office
  • young woman in roller skates poses in front of skate rental desk at a rink
  • asian man in priest clothing framed by arched hallway
  • young man in top hat with goggles
  • Professionally dressed black man standing in front of justice building in Salem
  • professor smiling at students in classroom
  • man holding measuring stick surrounded by cacti
  • kind looking woman in firefighting gear smiling at camera outdoors
  • college athletes pose outside in front of building
  • multi-racial family on porch with setting sun in background
  • family at carousel in Salem
  • OSU students celebrating the beginning of the school year
  • young woman picks purple flowers
  • professionally dressed woman surrounded by hats
  • friendly looking man in forestry uniform
  • man in black trench coat costumed to appear headless